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Marko Shinkle

Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums


Having begun first in English and shortly after in music, Marko Shinkle has dedicated his life to teaching and music instruction.

As young as 8 years old, Marko began taking piano lessons. In his teenage years, he played bass guitar in his high school  rock band, and upon graduation, enrolled in Colorado State University, where he earned a degree in Classical and Jazz performance on Double Bass. During his time at CSU, he was principle bassist in the symphony orchestra, first bassist in the big band and jazz ensemble, and won numerous awards and scholarships. In 2011, he earned his MA in Music Theory at Temple University.

Marko began his career in Spain in 2003 in a language academy where he learned a multitude of techniques in conveying information and establishing meaningful practice situations. Soon, he realized that he could apply these principles to music lessons. Outside of teaching, for the last twenty years, he has been performing in diverse music groups and venues in Europe and the United States.

Marko founded South Philly Music Academy in 2017 on the idea that regardless of aim or motivation, his students would be trained in an enjoyment-rich performing atmosphere by teachers who also work as professional musicians.

In addition to instruction on piano, voice, drums, and numerous stringed instruments, Marko specializes in talent development on guitar/voice or piano/voice instruction. He offers audition preparation and has successfully prepared many students for lead roles in musicals as well as entry into schools such as GAMP and CAPA.

Through careful lesson-planning and evaluation of methods, Marko has strived for years to bring a balance between study and performance, teaching and guidance, and enjoyment and motivation to his students.

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